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Functional Medicine Testing

Functional testing allows us to identify subclinical changes and system imbalances that may otherwise progress into the disease spectrum. By looking upstream at the source, we are able to address the underlying cause and reduce risk of disease downstream.

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Hydrogen Breath Testing

Hydrogen breath test diagnoses sugar intolerance or SIBO by measuring breath hydrogen change after a sugar solution. High levels indicate sugar or bacterial issues in the small intestine.

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Genetic Testing

Nutrigenetics studies how SNPs affect food response. Our report designs a nutrition therapy plan based on genotype to optimize health and reduce disease risk.

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Hormone Testing

Subclinical thyroid, adrenal, and hormone dysfunction cause various symptoms, often unaddressed by conventional providers.

Food Intolerance.png

Food Sensitivity / Intolerance Testing

AFRs fall into 2 categories: immune-mediated (allergies, sensitivities) and non-immune mediated (intolerances due to enzyme deficiency).

Metabolic Test.png

Metabolic Testing (Indirect Calorimetry)

Our Metabolic Rate Testing with Breezing Pro accurately measures RMR, serving professional athletes better with deeper respiration.


Microbiome / Stool Analyses

The gut's 100 trillion microorganisms affect immunity, digestion, and emotions. Each microbe plays a vital role in metabolizing food and supporting the immune system and gut barrier.

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Advanced Nutrition & Metabolic Testing

Assess the functional need for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, digestive support, fatty acids, amino acids, and other key nutritional biomarkers.

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Quest Diagnostics Wellness Testing

These basic nutritionally impactful tests are available through our providers at the the cost of a small copay at any Quest Diagnostics location. 

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