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Healthy Food

Custom Meal Planning

Let us support you in meeting your health goals with 100% Custom Meal Plans!

Learn culinary skills and how to prepare delicious recipes using Food-as-Medicine. For patients on medical diets, we have an easy and delicious solution to the eternal question -  what CAN I eat?

Our meal plans offer simple, tasty, nutritious, affordable recipes delivered straight to your inbox. No complicated planning. No boring routines. And no hassles. 


Step 1: Conduct your digital nutrition wellness assessment on our patient portal. Be prepared to share your medical diagnoses, food allergies, medications, and diet preferences with your dietitian.

Step 2: Your dietitian will build you a 100% custom meal plan complete with grocery list and prep schedule that will be emailed to you once per week. Calorie and macronutrient goals included.

Step 3: Put your meal plan into every day practice with support and collaboration from your registered dietitian for a healthier and happier you.

Step 4: Stay connected with your registered dietitian on our patient portal and health monitoring app Healthie. 

  • Keep track of your food intake, symptoms, journal entries, workouts, and metrics. 

  • Seamlessly sync with wearable trackers like FitBit, Apple Health, and Google Fit to automatically share updates with your provider. 

  • Stay connected with your provider on the go through portal chat messaging.


Meal plans are not covered by insurance and are not a replacement for 1:1 medical nutrition therapy. If you are looking for general wellness through a culinary approach, our meal plans are right for you!

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