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Dietitian or Nutritionist:

Why Choose an RDN?

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are the most highly credentialed nutritionists in the world. We hold a degree in medical nutrition science and are licensed health professionals bound legally to a code of ethics. Because of this we are able to accept insurance and are the only type of nutritionist found working alongside other medical professionals in hospitals and clinics across the country. 


New York is one of the last remaining states without practice exclusivity in the field of nutrition, allowing anyone to practice as a "nutritionist". Choosing a nutritionist that is not a Registered Dietitian places one at risk for receiving advice from an individual without any form of education or qualifications. As nutrition is a specialty within the field of medicine, those administering advice without the qualifications may do harm. RDNs on the other hand, are licensed healthcare professionals who have met the rigorous educational standards to provide in this area of medicine. RDNs are held to a professional code of ethics ensuring that our practice is evidenced based and that we uphold "primum non nocere", or do no harm.

RDNs are credentialed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world's largest organization of nutrition professionals. The AND funds and advocates medical research studies to bring you the most trustworthy science based food and nutrition information. RDNs are required to complete a rigorous 5 year course of study in medical and nutrition sciences, including a 1 year internship in clinical practice arenas before graduating and passing the national board examination required to become an RDN.

There is an exciting movement in healthcare called the holistic approach. This is essentially the Integrative and Functional Medicine approach. All our RDN's work in this specialty area and have completed advanced training to drive their practice.


To learn more about integrative and functional nutrition, click here.

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