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Guiding Principles

Delivering Results with Confidence

Our Pledge

  1. Educational Excellence:  we aim to provide the most clinically relevant, evidence based, practice-informed, peer-reviewed, integrative and functional nutrition care available

  2. Inquiry: we encourage a desire for learning new concepts and deepening one’s knowledge in a spirit of intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness

  3. Collaboration: we eagerly share our work in service to our patients, our profession and the practice of integrative and functional nutrition for the highest good

  4. Self-Care:  we commit to practicing personal healthcare habits that help us to be our best in mind, body, and spirit

  5. Conscious Communication: we strive for thoughtful dialogue that is rooted in reflective listening and timely responsiveness

  6. Active Engagement:  we endeavor to be fully present in our interactions with others and to foster meaningful, ethical, sustainable relationships

  7. Innovation:  we continually seek creative ideas, initiatives and opportunities that are aligned with our values and inspire us to achieve our mission

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