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DENT Neurologic Institute

Our group has partnered with DENT Neurologic Institute's Functional Medicine Clinic and their Integrative Program for Cognitive Decline. We provide evidence-based regenerative nutrition therapy for Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's disease, in collaboration with DENT's outstanding functional medicine team led by Laura Funke, FNP, IFMCP. Laura is advanced certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). We see patients of the clinic at all 5 of our locations, including our 2 Dent locations at the DENT Tower (Amherst) and Sterling Medical Center (Orchard Park) where the clinic is located.

In DENT Tower, we are located in suite 401 alongside other medical professionals. We are extremely fortunate to collaborate with the Functional Medicine Clinic and other healthcare providers.

Our experienced dietitian at this location, Noelle Citarella (DeSantis), MS, RDN, CDN, will create a custom nutrition plan for patients with sleep apnea, chronic facial pain, and jaw dysfunction/TMJ using functional nutrition therapy. The practice is also joined by Dr. Kristy Frye, Physical Therapist and Vice President of Advanced Care Physical Therapy. She specializes in the treatment of neck, head, and facial pain, as well as spine, and extremity rehabilitation.

As healthcare professionals who embrace healing and prevention through an integrative and functional approach, we are overjoyed to be working alongside these providers and their programs that offer personalized treatment via conservative and effective measures.

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