Tricia Sauer, RDN, CDN

Sports Performance & Genetic Nutrition

Noelle Citarella (DeSantis), MS, RDN, CDN 

Neurological & Regenerative Nutrition

Erica Smolinski, MS, RDN, CDN

Gastrointestinal Nutrition

Jenny Arnette, MS, RDN, CDN

Pregnancy & Metabolic Nutrition

Due to COVID19, we are currently 100% virtual, providing care via TELEHEALTH during this state of emergency. This includes professional LIVE video calls, phone consultations, and UNLIMITED use of our patient portal messaging feature for on the go assistance - all 100% covered by most insurances during this time.


Welcome To Our Practice!


From the founder, Tricia Sauer, RDN, CDN:

I founded this group of outstanding professionals to help people not only survive in a world of chronic disease, but also to be well. Our Registered Dietitians are expertly trained and advanced certified in Integrative and Functional Nutrition through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the credentialing board for RDNs,  each with a specific area of focus. We provide medical nutrition therapy for all stages of life and conditions. From infancy and pediatrics to adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, advanced age, critically ill, and chronically ill. Functional nutrition is rapidly evolving, and so we must too - as iron sharpens iron, we grow and learn from each other so we can bring the best care to our patients.

I have been in practice for almost 13 years, with extensive experience in acute care and rehabilitation prior to founding Buffalo Nutrition & Dietetics, PLLC. I specialize in Sports Nutrition and Nutritional Genomics. I have consulted for NFL and NHL teams since 2013. My favorite time with the NFL was fueling the Bills as they re-entered the playoffs for the first time in 17 years. I am a passionate member of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and have multiple advanced certifications in the management of complex chronic disease and conditions through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA). I have also completed nutrigenetic coursework through Seeking Health Educational Institute (SHEI), the future of individualized nutrition. I love seeing my patients walk out of their last appointment ready to live their best life ever, and seeing my team offer the same. These women are superheroes!

Noelle Citarella (DeSantis), MS, RDN, CDN is an innovative dietitian provider of Neurological and Regenerative Nutrition, which she provides out of our office in Dent Tower. She is experienced in working with neurological conditions and degenerative diseases using evidenced based practice. Noelle is a published researcher and writer, have released her most recent work "The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Plan and Cookbook" in 2019. We have chosen her to provide care to our dementia patients participating in Dent Neurologic's Integrative Program for Cognitive Decline. Noelle is advancing her Master's level practice with intense coursework through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA).

Erica Smolinski, MS, RDN, CDN is a highly skilled dietitian provider of Gastrointestinal nutrition, which she provides out of our Orchard Park office. She is a published researcher who is dedicated to the therapeutic nutrition management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease using medical nutrition therapy. She recently published "The Specific Carbohydrate Diet as an Evidenced-Based Dietary Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease". She is a presenter for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. Her passion is to help patients with IBD and gastrointestinal diseases work towards and achieve remission, and raise awareness that this is possible. Erica is advancing her Master's level practice with intense coursework through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA).

Jenny Arnette, MS, RDN, CDN is an outstanding dietitian provider of Pregnancy and Metabolic Nutrition, which she provides out of our Buffalo office. She is a published researcher and has a passion for women's health, metabolic disorders unique to women, and weight management. Jenny focuses her Master's level practice on the complex needs of pregnant and lactating women, including twins, pregnancy at 17 years of age or younger, pregnancy at 35 years or older, and accompanying concerns such as nausea, constipation, reflux, nutrient deficiencies, weight gain and favorable weight loss (post-birth). She uses food as medicine to nutritionally manage female conditions such as PCOS, infertility, gestational diabetes, PMS, menopause, obesity, and more.

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“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots." ~Rumi



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Helpful Information:

  • You will receive text and email appointment reminders from our office prior to your appointment.

  • We ask that you be on time, and reserve the right to cancel an appointment if arrival is later than 15 minutes. This is in observation of other patient appointment times.

  • As with any practice, we appreciate your patience if we are running a few minutes late, which may occur as we care for other patients.  

  • We request 24 hours notice of cancellation, and charge a fee of $80 for missed appointments and late cancellations as we cannot double book.

  • Please bring your insurance card and a form of photo identification to your first appointment. 

  • Payment is requested at time of service for non-covered visits, testing fees, and copays/coinsurance. We gladly accept cash, checks, and credit card.



For Tricia Sauer, RDN, CDN:


"Tricia has been my biggest advocate and resource in my journey to better health! She always takes time to thoroughly answer all of my questions and is such a wealth of knowledge across many areas in the medical field. Tricia has helped me discover and treat multiple long-standing medical issues, and has created customized nutrition plans to fit my specific needs. I would highly recommend Tricia to anyone who is serious about improving their quality of life through better health and nutrition!"

Anonymous in Buffalo, NY

"I have seen Tricia for just over a year. She is fantastic!" 

Sean in Denver, CO

"Tricia is awesome! She is extremely knowledgeable in the latest research and explains it in clear and concise lessons. She makes specific recommendations based upon my habits and likes/dislikes. I strongly recommend Tricia to anyone looking to become healthier and stronger through a personalized eating plan."

Anonymous, West Seneca, NY

"Tricia was a saving grace when I was struggling with needing special diet guidelines due to an underlying health condition. Her recommendations proved incredibly helpful and I noticed a significant change for the better after following her nutritional recommendations. She is professional and knowledgable, as well as kind and caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking nutritional help."

Crystal in Bordentown, NJ

"One of the most knowledgeable dietitians in regards to medical nutrition therapy! What sets her apart from others is her incredible warmth and kindness!! Tricia truly cares about her patients!!!"

Kristen in Buffalo, NY 

"Tricia is extremely knowledgeable and one of the most caring and compassionate health care professionals you could work with."

Cassie in Buffalo, NY

"She was really sweet and took the time to listen to what I was going through. My situation is complicated and she was very helpful and gracious with her time. I really appreciated her. Highly recommend."

Chuck in Buffalo, NY 

"Tricia was very knowledgeable, polite, and professional. She paid close attention to what my weight loss wants were and customized a eating plan specifically to assist me so I can reach my goals. I highly recommend her services as I know you will not regret meeting with her."

Aimia in Buffalo, NY 

"Tricia is highly intelligent, extremely thorough and personable. She is on top of the research and provides information in a clear, understandable manner. She is also highly encouraging and realistic in goal setting."

Dawn in KS

"Tricia is Amazing!! I have been looking for years for many different types of doctor to help me with my stomach issues, getting no where. I had even seen another Nutritionist who was unable to help me. The first visit I had with Tricia and she knew what test to send me for and what was wrong with me. She had received my results and got me on the correct supplements for it immediately. I started feeling better and I am now off 2 prescription drugs that I had to take every day for years. Fabulous"

Anonymous in Buffalo, NY

"I recommend Tricia to everyone! I am a client of hers and have also known her for years. This line of work is her passion and it absolutely shows. I wouldn't go to anyone else. I have had problems for years and I am finally rid of them thanks to her meal plans and other important recommendations. In any situation, I would trust this woman with my life. She not only loves and has passion for her profession, but also for each individual she comes into contact with in every aspect of her life!"              Tara in Gasport, NY 

For Noelle Citarella (DeSantis), MS, RDN, CDN:


 "I worked with Noelle DeSantis on getting my blood sugar under control. She provided great input and feedback to me as my life with diabetes has been enhanced greatly. She noted different strategies in my diet as well as stressed need for exercise. Thank you Noelle for taking time to help me. I am eternally thankful and grateful"

Anonymous in Buffalo, NY

"Noelle is outstanding. An extremely scholarly dietitian. She is an invaluable resource to anyone in need of cutting edge nutrition therapy!"

Anonymous in Buffalo, NY

For Erica Smolinski, MS, RDN, CDN:


 "I had my first appointment with Erica about a month ago and she is absolutely amazing. So kind and understanding and really works with you to find the best treatment plan. It has been one month later and I already feel better than I have this entire year and have learned so much about gut health and what works for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dietician."

Anonymous in Buffalo, NY

 "Erica is incredibly friendly and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all things dietetics. She continues to impress me with her ability to perceive, identify, and treat any concern that I have. I've dealt with health problems for many years and have seen countless doctors, but her approach makes me feel like I'm finally getting to the root of my issues and properly dealing with them (not just temporarily relieving symptoms with medications). I not only trust her medical council entirely, but I feel like I'm actually being educated along the way! She makes you feel comfortable and cared for unlike anyone I've ever worked with and she is committed to seeing you healed and healthy. I highly recommend her to anyone!"

Autumn F. in Buffalo, NY

 "Erica is thought-filled and thorough. She leads our sessions with compassion and kindness and listens carefully to what I am saying. As a struggling patient - that is of the utmost importance. She created a plan of action for me that while rigorous, certainly maintainable and keeping my goal of returning my body to a healthy state at the forefront. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone who is serious about getting healthy."

Joanna Robertson in Buffalo, NY

 "My visits with Erica have always been wonderful! She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, and she helped me to find the root of my digestive issues. I haven’t felt this good in my life, and Erica has allowed me to reach this point. I would highly recommend her for your nutritional needs!"

Francesca G. in Buffalo, NY

 "Working with Erica has been one of the best decisions I have made. From the very first appointment, Erica listened to my concerns, did a comprehensive review of my medical history and worked with me to develop a plan related to nutrition that fit my lifestyle. This appointment was just the beginning of something amazing! Within one month of implementing the plan created by Erica, I had a huge drop in inflammation on my blood work and I am feeling better than I have in a very long time. I highly suggest anyone looking to work with a Registered Dietitian contact Erica because you will receive high quality care that could really change your life!"

Kelsey in Buffalo, NY

 "My experience working with Erica has been incredible. I've been receiving world-class service since our initial phone call. During our first 2 hour session Erica reviewed my medical history and took detailed notes while interviewing me to see how she can provide a holistic approach. She was more thorough than any health professional I've ever met with. It didn't end there! She then provided detailed docs with a clear game plan for me to follow. She also is very responsive via the Healthie app. 5 stars is an understatement :)"

Mike D. in Buffalo, NY

 "I'm so grateful for Erica! She is incredibly attentive to symptoms, and is eager to help solve my digestive issues with sound, professional advice. She is wonderful at recommending low-cost supplemental solutions, which I appreciate. And, she is knowledgeable about current dietary recommendations and studies! I look forward to meeting with her!"

Kelly Oneil in Buffalo, NY

"Working with Erica has been such a blessing! I can’t even adequately express how grateful I am for her attentiveness and follow through. When I started working with Erica I was weak, sick, and exhausted. She listened to all my symptoms, reviewed my labs, explained everything in detail, came up with a plan (and modified it as needed), and provided detailed session notes of every visit so I didn’t have to write everything down or try to remember it all. What impressed me the most was that Erica went above and beyond by contacting my providers, helping me order tests, inquiring about insurance issues, and suggesting certain labs/testing that she thought would be helpful. My health has improved after working with Erica. I would highly recommend her, she really cares about her clients!!"

Cindy B. in Buffalo, NY

"Erica is knowledgeable, kind, and wonderful to work with. She has helped me extensively with my chronic illness dietary needs, helping me achieve symptom remission. She is friendly, personable, and understanding. I look forward to our appointments since she always has fresh new insights for me and takes an active interest in not only my health but in my life outside of medicine. Erica is a great RDN and I would (and have) recommend her to anyone I know."

Maddie B. in Buffalo, NY

For Jenny Arnette, MS, RDN, CDN:


"I highly recommend Jennifer! She has been amazing to work with. I’ve seen real results in my health and wellness. She helped me understand how to think about food and nutrition in a different way. Instead of counting calories, focusing on macros. A major reason why I recommend her so highly is that you can tell she really knows her field. There is real, fact-based science and medicine behind the nutrition guidance she gives, which means if you put in the effort, you will see improvement. No fad diets, powders, or pills. Just real nutrition; real, whole, healthy foods, and most importantly with Jennifer, an absolutely a judgment-free zone. She really understands how diet, exercise, nutrition all work together with mental health for total body wellness, and will help you keep tabs on how you are doing in both mind and body in your wellness journey. So if you are looking for a nutritionist, I highly recommend Jennifer!"

Renee R. in Buffalo, NY

"Jenny has been instrumental in helping me resolve long standing health issues. She is extremely knowledgeable and kind. From the first appointment, she put me at ease with her warm and professional demeanor. The detailed plan she provided has resulted in significant positive changes that I have not experienced with other providers or treatments. I attribute this to her extensive knowledge of diet, nutrition, and gut health, in addition to her holistic approach that focuses on getting to the root cause of my issues instead of just treating symptoms. Working with Jenny has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend her!"

Sarah in Buffalo, NY

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