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Providing health with heart, one patient at a time

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists
Board-Certified in Integrative & Functional Medicine Nutrition
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We accept the following insurances:

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Your very own dietitian.

Covered by Insurance

Our registered dietitians are in-network with most major health plans, which means as little as $0 out-of-pocket expenses for our patients!

Meet for 1-on-1 sessions

Schedule sessions with your dietitian of choice at a time that suits you at one of our beautiful offices or virtually to accommodate your busy schedule.

Find the right match!

Browse our online directory of registered dietitians and choose your best fit by searching areas of expertise.

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Board-certified, nationally licensed registered dietitians.

Where nutrition meets functional medicine science.

If you’re looking for a functional medicine dietitian with years of experience in specialized conditions like autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal health, hormonal imbalance, or just general nutrition, you’re in the right place.

Our Team
Partnering with a dietitian can greatly enhance your health and well-being.

$0 or minimal copay for most commercial insurance plans

Improve quality of life and wellness

Reverse or manage complex chronic disease

Our Services

Unlock the power of food-as-medicine, with Medical Nutrition Therapy, our specialized functional medicine programs, advanced lab testing, and personalized meal planning services. Work with our allied health professionals for a whole-body integrative approach to your care.

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Medical Nutrition Therapy

An evidence-based practice implemented by licensed, board-certified, registered dietitians. We use our education in medicine, biochemistry, and human nutrition to manage medical conditions.

Custom Meal

Learn culinary skills and how to prepare delicious recipes using Food-as-Medicine. For patients on medical diets, we have an easy and delicious solution to the eternal question: What can I eat?

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Functional Medicine Programs

 The functional medicine model uses a systems biology, root cause analyses approach to healing. We combine advanced lab testing, personalized nutrition plans, and medical grade supplements in our programs.

Integrative & Functional Nutrition in Buffalo, New york
Medical Grade Supplement Discounts

We offer medical grade supplements at a discount. Avoid the risks of shopping online - improper climate control, contamination during processing, price gouging, and deceptive labeling practices.

Advanced Functional Lab Testing

Functional testing identifies subclinical changes and system imbalances that progress into the disease spectrum. By looking at the root cause we can address symptoms and prevent disease.

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Trauma Informed Therapy

Our dedicated and compassionate LCSW Therapist holds an advanced certification in Trauma and EMDR therapy. Addressing mental health struggles and unresolved trauma is critical for healing the body.

Are you a dietitian or practice owner?

Provide affordable, in-network nutrition counseling without the administrative hassle. Concentrate on what truly matters: quality care.

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