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Group Nutrition Education

Attendees are billed directly to their insurance plans, usually with 100% coverage, meaning these valuable education opportunities and classes come at no cost to you or your employees!


Benefits are verified in advance. Available virtually or on-site.


All presentations include 1 week of free access to our professional Meal Planning Software: The Living Plate. 

Foundational Nutrition 101

In this foundational presentation, we delve into the exciting world of nutrition. We'll explore the fundamentals of healthy eating, understand the essential nutrients our bodies need, and discover how to make informed food choices for a vibrant life. Buckle up, and get ready to unlock the secrets to fueling your body for optimal health!

Wellness in the Workplace

Positively impact employee well-being and improve productivity, morale, and absenteeism. This presentation dives deep into the powerful connection between nutrition and lifestyle choices, and how they can impact your energy, focus, and overall well-being in the workplace.

Lifecycle Nutrition: Women's Health 

Fuel your amazing body! Explore how nutrition can support women's health through every stage of life, from hormonal balance to bone health.

The Ageless Plate: Nutrition for Vibrant Living

Live your best life, at any age! Learn how to optimize your diet for strength, vitality, and cognitive health as you mature.

Diabetes Management 101

Explore the basics of diabetes management focusing on a key tool: carbohydrate counting. This knowledge empowers you to make informed food choices and maintain healthy blood sugar levels in combination with the cornerstones of healthy eating, also covered in this presentation.

Eat Well, Be Well: Sustainable Weight Management

Find a sustainable and healthy approach to weight management. Learn how to create a balanced diet that fuels your body and supports your goals

Lifecycle Nutrition: Men's Health 

Fuel your amazing body! Explore how nutrition can support men's health through every stage of life, from healthy testosterone levels and hormonal balance to brain and prostate health.

The Brain-Gut Connection: Eat Smart, Think Sharp

Feed your mind, nourish your gut. Explore the fascinating connection between your diet, gut health, and brain function.



All workshops include free access to our nutrition tracker and health monitoring app Healthie, and 1 month of free access to our professional Meal Planning Software: The Living Plate. 

Cornerstones of Diabetes Wellness - 6 Week Class

This 6-week course empowers you to take control of your diabetes through interactive sessions, group discussions, and personalized action plans. Led by a registered dietitian (RDN) and certified diabetes educator (CDE), the course equips you with the knowledge and skills to manage your diabetes effectively.

Week 1: Understanding Diabetes

  • Topics:

    • Introduction to type 1 and type 2 diabetes

    • Physiology of blood sugar regulation

    • The importance of blood sugar control

    • Short-term and long-term complications of diabetes

  • Activities:

    • Interactive presentation on diabetes basics

    • Blood sugar monitoring demonstration

    • Identifying personal risk factors for complications

Week 2: Healthy Eating for Diabetes Management

  • Topics:

    • Introduction to carbohydrate counting

    • Food groups and their impact on blood sugar

    • Importance of portion control and reading food labels

    • Building a balanced diabetic meal plan

  • Activities:

    • Interactive workshop on carbohydrate counting

    • Group discussion on healthy food swaps

    • Creating personalized meal plans with the RDN

Week 3: Exercise and Diabetes

  • Topics:

    • Importance of physical activity for blood sugar control

    • Different types of exercise and their benefits

    • Setting realistic fitness goals

    • Staying motivated and overcoming exercise barriers

  • Activities:

    • Presentation on the benefits of exercise for diabetes

    • Group discussion on overcoming exercise challenges

    • Developing a personalized exercise plan with a certified fitness professional (optional)

Week 4: Blood Sugar Monitoring and Medication Management

  • Topics:

    • Importance of blood sugar monitoring and setting goals

    • Different types of blood sugar meters and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) options

    • Understanding diabetes medications and their side effects

    • Taking medications consistently and as prescribed

  • Activities:

    • Demonstration of blood sugar monitoring techniques

    • Q&A session on diabetes medications

    • Developing a blood sugar monitoring log and medication schedule

Week 5: Stress Management and Emotional Wellbeing

  • Topics:

    • The link between stress and blood sugar levels

    • Techniques for managing stress, such as relaxation and mindfulness practices

    • Identifying emotional triggers and developing coping mechanisms

    • Importance of social support and healthy relationships

  • Activities:

    • Guided meditation or relaxation exercise

    • Group discussion on stress management strategies

    • Identifying resources for emotional support

Week 6: Action Planning and Goal Setting

  • Topics:

    • Reviewing key learnings from the course

    • Setting achievable and measurable goals for diabetes management

    • Developing an action plan to overcome challenges and maintain progress

    • Resources and support systems available for ongoing diabetes management

  • Activities:

    • Interactive session on goal setting and action planning

    • Group brainstorming and sharing of personalized action plans

    • Information on diabetes support groups and online resources

Additional Resources:

  • Throughout the course, participants will receive handouts, educational materials, and online resources related to diabetes management.

  • Individual consultations with the RDN or CDE will be available for further personalized guidance.

Cornerstones of Nutrition Wellness - 6 Week Class

This 6-Week Guide to Healthy Eating will empower your wellbeing.
Take control of your health and fuel your body for success! This interactive 6-week program dives deep into the essentials of healthy eating, providing you with practical tools and strategies to make positive, lasting changes.


  • Week 1: "Nutrition Cornerstones: Nutrition 101". Explore the fundamentals of healthy eating, understand the essential nutrients our bodies need, and discover how to make informed food choices for a vibrant life.

  • Week 2: "Meal Prep Magic: Meal Prep 101" - teach participants how to plan, prep, and portion healthy meals for the week, saving time and money.

  • Week 3: "Mindful Munching: Mindful Eating Practices" - develop awareness around hunger cues, emotional eating triggers, and strategies for mindful eating to create a healthier relationship with food.

  • Week 4: "Healthy on the Go- Easy Meals and Snacks for Busy People" - equip employees with quick and nutritious recipe ideas for busy schedules.


  • Week 5: "Social Savvy: Navigating Social Dining with Ease" - provide tips for making healthy choices when eating out with colleagues or attending work events.

  • Week 6: "Gut Feeling: The Importance of Gut Health" - explore the connection between gut health, digestion, and overall well-being, offering dietary tips for a healthy gut.

Employee Wellness Challanges

Employee Wellness Challenges

All challenges include free access to our nutrition tracker and health monitoring app Healthie, and 1 month of free access to our professional Meal Planning Software: The Living Plate. 

6-Week Employee Wellness Challenge: Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

This 6-week course aims to empower employees to develop sustainable healthy eating habits that support weight loss and overall well-being.


  • Weekly educational sessions (30-45 minutes) delivered virtually or in-person.

  • Interactive activities and handouts.

  • Optional goal setting and progress tracking with support from the RDN.


Week 1: Building a Healthy Foundation

  • Topics: Understanding healthy eating, debunking diet myths, building a balanced plate.

  • Activities: Interactive quiz on healthy food choices, creating a personalized MyPlate.

  • Takeaway: Participants will gain a solid foundation in healthy eating principles.

Week 2: Mindful Eating for Weight Management

  • Topics: Importance of mindful eating, recognizing hunger and fullness cues, mindful grocery shopping strategies.

  • Activities: Guided mindful eating exercise, creating a personalized grocery list.

  • Takeaway: Participants will develop skills for mindful eating to manage portion control and cravings.


Week 3: Reading Food Labels Like a Pro

  • Topics: Understanding food labels, decoding ingredients lists, identifying hidden sugars and unhealthy fats.

  • Activities: Food label scavenger hunt, label comparison activity.

  • Takeaway: Participants will gain confidence in making informed food choices based on label information.

Week 4: Power Up with Protein and Fiber

  • Topics: Importance of protein and fiber for satiety, healthy protein sources, incorporating fiber-rich foods.

  • Activities: Group discussion on favorite protein and fiber sources, creating a meal plan focused on these nutrients.

  • Takeaway: Participants will understand the benefits of protein and fiber for weight management and will utilize them for meal planning.

Week 5: Planning, Prepping, and Portion Control

  • Topics: Meal planning strategies, healthy snacking options, tips for portion control.

  • Activities: Sample meal prep session, creating personalized portion control strategies.

  • Takeaway: Participants will develop practical skills for meal planning, healthy snack choices, and portion control.

Week 6: Building Sustainable Habits for Long-Term Success

  • Topics: Overcoming challenges, creating a healthy support system, maintaining motivation.

  • Activities: Goal reflection and progress sharing, creating personalized action plans for long-term success.

  • Takeaway: Participants will develop strategies to maintain healthy eating habits and weight management beyond the program.

Additional Resources:

  • Weekly recipe handouts with healthy meal and snack ideas.

  • List of helpful resources including healthy eating websites, apps, and cookbooks.

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